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Women and Whey Protein – Increased Satiation

March 19, 2015
Women and Whey Protein Increased Satiation

Women should not fear whey protein. Many women are afraid that resistance training and protein powders will result in bulking and increased muscle mass: the equation is not that simple. We have recently learned through research out of Massey University in New Zealand that women who consumed whey protein beverages actually had more hunger suppression, mediated by a natural hormonal response.

Hunger and appetite are different sensations. While hunger is the physiological need for fuel (how much does your body really need), unmanaged hunger will lead to appetite. Appetite is the psychological need for food (how much do you think you need). Most of the time, appetite will grossly overestimate the fuel we need, leading to overeating of 200-500% (up to 5x more calories). Hunger is easily managed by eating more and more balanced meals. Protein plays an integral role in this function as consuming protein will cause satiation through the release of glucagon and other hunger mediating hormones.

The research presented in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that whey protein drinks performed better at mediating hunger through hormone release than carbohydrate based drinks. While liquid carbs have a place post-workout, having them as a snack is not as effective as a whey protein drink.



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