What do you eat for breakfast?

December 4, 2013
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…
It is better for you to avoid breakfast altogether…
Consume only protein and fat with breakfast…
Scarf down complex carbs when you get out of bed…

Wait. What?

In today’s day and age of super duper fast information, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when bombarded with conflicting opinions. The truth is, the answer of what to eat for breakfast is simple. Almost too simple.

Do what works for you!

I told you it was simple. The hard part though is actually figuring out what works. As always, I like to start by asking what your goals are. If your goal is to gain muscle, your nutrition schedule is certainly different than someone looking to lean out. Below, I’ve laid out a basic framework to help YOU figure out what works best for YOU.

Keepin’ it Balanced: Consuming a balanced meal of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates is a good choice for almost any goal. While you sleep, your body is repairing tissue and using up precious energy, so all three macronutrients need to be replenished. Breakfast may also be an optimal time to consume fruits, since some people respond well to having all their carbohydrates earlier in the day. A good option might be a vegetable omelet with a side of fruit.

The Slimmer: If your goal is to slim down and lean out (also read our Top 10 Tips To Help You Lean Out) article, you might be better off avoiding carbohydrates altogether at breakfast. Instead, have them in smaller amounts spread throughout your day. In this case, scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes or other vegetables would work well. A small bowl of low glycemic fruit like blackberries will provide energy for your brain without giving you the nasty spike in insulin.

The Anti-Breakfast: Fasting! Some people (not everybody) respond very well to not eating breakfast. It is always hard at first especially if you are tempted with breaking the fast with sweets or baked goods. However, if you can control your mid-morning hunger, an intermittent fast (IF) might be the way to go for ANY goal. All you have to do is eat slightly larger meals after 12:00pm and before you go to sleep!

Get Beefy: If you are looking to gain muscle, you need to eat food, and lots of it. However, you should not sacrifice healthy eating for extra poundage. When breakfast rolls around, try to consume a lot of eggs and beef (high density of BCAAs and Creatine) and starchy fruit like bananas or even sweet potatoes. Also, old fashioned gluten free grains like quinoa or cream of rice can add calories without adding in the gluten. Swish it all down with some grass-fed whey protein mixed with chocolate milk.

I hope this helps give an initial framework to your breakfast meal plan. If you do not see your goal here, or are stuck and need help, please comment below!



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