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April 15, 2015
Got Peters Back

First and foremost we’d like to express our gratitude for the heart-warming messages sent Peter’s way.

We also have an important update to share with you! After initially being denied the coverage for proton therapy, Peter appealed to his insurer- and this time was approved!

This a huge relief and we couldn’t be happier. So… WOD now?

He hasn’t worked in seven months and still has a few months of treatment ahead so let’s get his back, raise some funds & have fun Wodding!

How can you help?

1. Purchase at least 2 or more #Gotpetersback t-shirts to display at your box (1 men & 1 woman = $40.00 donation) you can either click on the link below, call us at 1-866-304-6674or send us an email at and we’ll get your order going. 100% of the proceeds of the campaign are going to go straight to Peter and his family.
2. Once you receive your order, tell your coaches about Peter’s story and ask them to promote Peter’s WOD on a daily basis. Lauren Brooks will release the WOD on May 11th. The WOD will be held May 18th.
3. From now until then, we are going to bring awareness to the community by hosting a social media contest.
4. Whoever wants to participate needs to take a picture with a #gotpetersback shirt and hashtag #gotpetersback. Have fun with it. Think outside the box. Put it on your grandma, wear it under a suit. Peter is a damn clown so we want to capture his spirit.
5. Prizes will be given to images with the most likes on Instagram. We are going to have 3 divisions. Best solo, best couple and best trio. Make sure you hashtag #gotpetersback.

Get the #gotopetersback shirts

1. Print the attached sign up form & make sure to have plenty of copies at hand. We will use this list to print the correct quantity and sizes
2. Please collect your member’s pledge in our behalf once you sign up the member on the list. You will have until April 27th to collect as many names as possible.
3. Between April 27th and April 29th we will call you to obtain the list of participants and funds.
4. We will ship all of the shirts to your location so your members can start blasting their pics on social media prior to the WOD.



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