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March 22, 2013

13.3 Is all about going with the flow

150 Wall Balls. 90 Double Unders. 30 Muscle ups. This workout has a lot of reps in a row of 3 movements. Understanding how to get through those movements individually is important, but being able to stay in control the whole workout is even more important.

Quick Tips:

• Know whether you are going to sprint through the wall balls or sprint through the muscle ups.
• Be ready to change what ever game plan you have depending on how you are feeling.
• Make sure every rep is efficient as minor deficiencies will add up over all the reps and take away reps in the closing seconds.
• Always think about what muscles will be used next.

Overall, the two extremes of completing this workout are:

1. The person who is good at Wall Balls finishes the Wall Balls and Double Unders in plenty of time (6-7 minutes) and then works slowly and methodically on the muscle ups in the remaining time.
2. The person who is good at Muscle ups but not as good at Wall Balls finishes the Wall Balls and Double Unders in more time (7-10 minutes) but flies through the muscle ups in the remaining time.

In formulating a plan for this workout, it is important to understand where you would fall in the spectrum between the two extremes. Do you prefer Wall Balls or Muscle ups? If you prefer Wall Balls I would suggest you move fast through the Wall Balls to get yourself as much time as possible for the muscle ups.

Someone who followed this plan perfectly is Jon Colborn of Printers Row CrossFit. He is a bigger guy (6 feet) and is very good at Wall Balls. He got to the muscle ups with 5 minutes left and got 27 reps.

If you are good at muscle ups, the main goal is to move through the Wall Balls at the fastest pace you can sustain and still be relatively fresh to sprint through the muscle ups (Dan Bailey for example last year finished the double unders at 7:33 and sprinted through 25 muscle ups). Now, every once in a while you will get someone like Neal Maddox or Rich Froning Jr. who are great at both.

Once you figure out what type of 13.3 athlete you are and have a rough game plan in place for the Wall Balls, it’s time to look at the efficiency of each movement. When doing 150 squats, any movement deficiency is going to manifest into a huge loss of energy towards the end of this wod. For every squat, make sure that your feet are in the ideal squat position, your knees are pressed out, your belly is tight and your chest is up.



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