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Top 10 tips to help you lean out

September 18, 2013

Regardless of the time of year, everyone always wants to lean out and maintain hard earned muscle. It is important to establish as many healthy trends as possible. Here are 10 quick tips to incorporate throughout your week to keep on schedule.

1. Cut out the sugar regardless of source. This is a blanket rule. NO SUGAR. No matter where it comes from, sugar will give you an insulin spike and tell your body to store fat. No soda, no fake sugar, no real sugar. Don’t get hooked on sugar or added sweeteners!

2. Do not replace sugar with ‘healthy alternatives’. Replacing a sugar filled treat with an agave/honey/maple syrup filled treat is not going to help. These foods are still high on the glycemic index and will still produce an insulin spike and your hormones will store the sugar as fat.

3. Fill up on vegetables top off with fruit. Eating too much fruit is another common fault. It is easy to fall into the trap of relying on fruit to satisfy the sweet tooth while trying to eat healthy. Meals should be constructed of primarily VEGETABLES. Fruit is merely the cherry on top.

4. Lift heavy. The benefits of lifting heavy are profound. one benefit is to aid in helping you lean out. This is caused by the increase in growth hormone and testosterone that occur when you lift heavy. These hormones will promote leanness in both men and women. (Ladies, don’t worry about gaining weight since your testosterone levels are lower anyway.)

5. Decrease carbohydrate consumption throughout the day. If you gradually decrease your input of carbs from fruits and starches over the course of the day, glucagon levels will increase in the evening. This will aid in losing weight and getting lean over the night when you are fasting. Try and have a dinner of only meats, vegetables and healthy fats.

6. Do every movement full range of motion. Scientific literature indicates that the greatest strength gains and weight loss gains will occur if you perform all of your exercises with full range of motion. Make sure to squat all the way down next time.

7. Avoid all high gl/gi carbohydrates. There is no reason for high glycemic load/glycemic index foods to be in your diet. Eliminate breads, pastas, potatoes, corn, rice, beans, dairy, sugar(again!) and excessive starches like sweet potatoes, yucca and plantain.

8. Workout hard and fast. Always try to work out as hard as possible. CrossFit workouts are generally 15 minutes or less, so push yourself as hard as you can to maximize your results.

9. Drink water. Drinking water is essential for healthy bodily function. Leave a piece of fruit out in the sun and you will understand what dehydrated tissue cells look like. Your body weight in LBS. X 0.75 = the amount of ounces in water you should look to consume per day.

10. Commit to the lifestyle. Give a healthier lifestyle a fighting chance. Try and make one of these changes a day, for 10 days, and then stick to all the changes for 3 months. Mentally prepare yourself for the changes ahead and the physical changes will follow and you will be able to lean out to your desired body composition.



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