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Top 10 tips to get the most out of your WOD

October 23, 2013

1. Lift Heavy – Heavy lifting does not necessarily build maximum muscle density. However, it will help improve your nervous system and kick up your metabolism, making you leaner and stronger.

2. Lift Medium – Lifting medium weights for more reps will really help you build and recruit more muscles. Doing lots of reps at a medium weight, pushing to fatigue will push your body to build more of the muscles it needs to keep working!

3. Lift Light – Lifting light weights really allows you to focus on how the movement is supposed to be done. Better technique = healthier body with minimal injuries which turns into more success down the road.

4. Run Hard – Don’t take your running WODs for granted! As much as everyone loves a good old fashioned couplet and triplet, sometimes it is the monostructural sprint days that leave the most damage. You can learn a lot about yourself with a tough sprint session. Start by sprinting once a month and work your way up to once a week (No, you cannot do this on a rower or air dyne). Lastly, don’t shy away from those short runs in the middle of your WOD! Hit them hard and avoid substituting with the rower.

5. Nutrition Post-Workout – This one can’t be understated if you’re trying to maximize your efforts in the box. It is incredibly important to ingest the correct amino acids (protein) and carbohydrates post-workout. A clean, grass-fed whey isolate powder will satisfy your protein needs. You can finish it off with some berries to satisfy your carbohydrate intake. This will help kick-star your body into repair mode.

6. Thorough Recovery – You need to be thorough when getting your body all fixed up. Even though much of the research is equivocal, it has been found that combining the effects of compression clothing, ice baths or contrast baths, and massages feels good and will help refresh you for your next workout. There is a reason why many athletes swear by these methods even if the "science" hasn’t caught up yet.

7. Gain Strength Around Weak Parts – One of the best ways to maximize your training is to work out your weaknesses until they’re no longer weaknesses, so don’t shy away from those movements you ‘suck at’. Work through your weaknesses with patience and progression. A quick example of this is the damage that kipping pull-ups can cause on the shoulder. If you thoroughly strengthen your shoulder girdle with a combination of strict pull-ups and rotator cuff exercises before you start practicing the kipping pull-up, you should not have any problems.

8. Have A Training Partner – Partners are a great way to keep yourself motivated, on track towards your fitness goals, and they’ll more than likely make you workout harder on those days you just aren’t feeling it. Adding more intensity to any workout makes the results greater. Find a partner that will stick with you and have at it!

9. Always Ask For Help – Don’t be shy. Never be afraid to ask a coach for help if you are confused or are wondering why something is being done the way that it is. Educating yourself will help keep you on track, and can help you avoid injuries that shouldn’t happen in the first place.

10. ENJOY IT! – If you are not having fun, it is not worth doing. Having a good time when you are training is essential to long-term success. The community found at your local boxes make sure to provide a good time. Make friends, get involved and enjoy the experience!

Have any tips of your own to help maximize your training? Share them below for everyone to see!



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