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March 29, 2013

Quick Tips: Move methodically for the first few minutes. Whether your goal is 60 or 120, get a feel for the workout by moving at about 90% intensity the first 2 minutes.

Keep the pace established over the next 3-4 minutes. Not slowing down too much here is important. Finish STRONG.

On grip: Dropping every rep is a good method if you are fast to pick the bar back up and your goal is around 100. To get more than that, you will need to string some clean and jerks unbroken.

Methodically through the clean and jerks and unbroken or big sets through the toes to bar.

13.4 is a different beast depending on what type of CrossFit athlete you are. If the 135/95 is kinda heavy and you grimaced when toes to bar were announced, set a nice pace for the workout and try to keep it. It is extremely important to not come out of the gate too fast if this workout does not favor you.

Immediately go to dropping the bar each rep and break the toes to bar up into manageable chunks each round. For many, having a box set up right next to where you are doing toes to bar will allow you to cycle singles on the toes to bar relatively fast if the movement is not a strength.

For those that are aiming to get on top of the leader board, 13.4 comes down to pace and grip. 7 minutes is still a long time. In terms of distance, most elite CrossFitters would be able to run a mile and a quarter in that time. That means pacing is key. The biggest fault in running a mile is going out too fast. Keep your pace in check.

In terms of grip, staying relaxed and having “unplanned planned” breaks is key. On 3,2,1 go, I rarely find that the perfect plan of breaking at specific points works the most effectively. However, KNOWING that at some point you will need to break for a few seconds to spare your grip is usually more effective. The more in-tune with your body you are, the best the “unplanned planned” break is going to work.

Overall, the top athletes will go unbroken on many of the clean and jerks. These athletes are able to move in a very efficient, relaxed fashion where the exertion of lowering the bar is minimal. Hook grip the bar, and try to keep your arms relaxed. Remember, the faster you do the toes to bar, the more time you have for the clean and jerks.
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