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The 7th fittest woman wants to see a cage fight at the CrossFit Games!

March 5, 2015
Lauren Brooks Formulx

She’s the seventh fittest woman in the world. While in the midst of the 2015 CrossFit Games Open she decided to attend the CrossFit Football Specialty Certification.  Scan her Instagram page and you’ll find someone devoted to living a balanced life that inspires her 62.8K followers. Meet Lauren Brooks. Her chiseled muscles speak for themselves- yet we found someone who is not only formidably strong, but also graceful, funny, and extremely charming.

You have a lot going on Lauren. Your CrossFit Football certification is this upcoming weekend, how’s it going?

Lauren Brooks:  It’s been great. Of course there’s always something that you’re working on, something that you’re trying to work through. But I’m just grateful to be able to continue this season. That’s about it, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m at home. I’m cooking.

That’s great to hear! How often do you incorporate CrossFit Football WODs into your programming?

Lauren Brooks:  I work with a coach; so most of what I do is heavy lifting, I know cross fit football is very similar to just a generic CrossFit work out but they do focus a little more on the training that’s involved in the sport, which I really enjoy. My background my dad was a high school football coach, he was also a college football coach, and he played and trained, worked here in Florida so I was kind of raised in a locker room. It’s really a lot of fun for me, I really enjoy a lot of the football-style training, its kind just where my roots are, so you know I enjoy pushing a sled, my dad always said I should’ve been a boy. I always thought the football stuff is really awesome.

At the 2014 CrossFit Games, you won the speed sled push event, a device popular with football players.  Some call it the most painful event of all… how did you feel about it?  Do you expect to see a sled push again at the games?

Lauren Brooks:  Well I sure hope so! I would like to see some contact at the games. I mean, I don’t know that that would ever happen, to be thrown in a cage and whoever comes out alive wins! But I hope they incorporate some sledge hammer or sled push type stuff every year because for me that’s just corn-fed strong power.  You don’t need technique you just need a little determination and some brute strength which is kind of what I had.

She steps away for a second and I hear her tell her daughter Teagen to hop in the shower.

You’re a mother of two. How do your kids feel about CrossFit? Are there little things you do with them?

Lauren Brooks:  I’ve done everything from use them as a kettle bell to I don’t know …I’ve never really taught them to lift, but they’ve taken to the lifts very well. Their favorite thing to do is to clean. My daughter likes to power clean front squat and my son can actually squat clean pretty good. And I’ve never pushed it on them. When I opened my gym my daughter was seven months old and my son was like 3 and ½ or 4 at the time and they kind of were raised there. I actually worked with my daughter on my hips for the 1st year and a half!

CrossFit Football programs strength WOD into their daily training session, do you usually do a strength WOD pre-metcon?  

Lauren Brooks:  You know what? I mix it up, and to be honest my coach is great, but I know my body better than anybody else, and there’s a fine line between not wanting to do something and not being able to.  So as I approach my training every day I really try to analyze my warm up. I consider how I’m feeling and what would be best for me. Sometimes my strength work comes before my conditioning. Sometimes it’s like a two part SWOD where we do a lift and then some sort of dynamic functional movement like a box jump or a kettle bell carry. I like to keep it fun and interesting. I get bored easily and the last thing I want is to just dread my training. Because at the end of the day- I’m doing what I love and I don’t want to make it into something I don’t love. I keep it fun and interesting you know? Sometimes I go to the gym and I say you know what? I’m not doing programming today. I’m going to do the WOD, and I’m going to work on something I’m bad at, I’m going to work on a lift I know I’m bad. I just kind of take it one day at a time and feel it out. I incorporate my strength work in my own training.

Considering what you just said about keeping things interesting. What are you looking forward to the most from the CrossFit Football Cert?

Lauren Brooks:  I would really like to gain some knowledge on how to help instruct young football players. I love kids, and I love helping people and youth athletics is kind of a passion of mine. I would like to be a female that could get involved in training young, Pop-Warner age football players. My dad has a lot of knowledge on it, but that’s kind of what I’m hoping to take away from it. Any sort of knowledge is great but I’m really hoping that I could incorporate some new stuff after learning more from CrossFit Football.

Okay Lauren, it’s time for our speed round… answer the first thing that comes to mind!

You live in Florida… are you a Gator, Cane, Knight or Nole?

Lauren Brooks:  Gator

Who has a heavier clean and jerk, you or Tim Tebow? 

Lauren Brooks:  Me! (laughs)

What’s the greatest football movie ever?

Lauren Brooks:  Friday night lights

If the NFL allowed women what position would you play?

Lauren Brooks:  Linebacker! Hello! I want to be running people over.

What’s your favorite football game snack, hotdog, pretzel, popcorn or beer?

Lauren Brooks:  Pretzel! I really wanted to say beer, but if I had to choose only one I would get a pretzel.



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