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How to start competing in Crossfit

September 4, 2013

Are you a seasoned Regionals/Games athlete or just getting started with your first workouts at your home box? Below are some quick tips to carry with you as we enter in the ‘off-season’ of CrossFit and how to kick up your training.

Which one are you?

I just started CrossFit. Get out, get involved, and get spectating! If you are just starting CrossFit, the end of the summer and start of fall is the best time of the year for big, family oriented CrossFit events. Taking part in your local competitions, whether as a spectator, judge or volunteer, can be a great opener to the community you’ve just become a part of. Get out there! Here’s a great site to find competitions happening soon near you: Rx Competitions.

I’m thinking about or just started competing. If you want to start competing, or want to climb the leaderboards, we can’t stress this one point enough: work on your weaknesses!. Whether it be Toes-to-bar, Chest-to-bar pullups, handstand pushups, or getting your snatch over 95lbs/135lbs, working at what is lagging is critical to making the jump up. That being said, you don’t necessarily need every skill before you sign up for that first/next competition, but having almost everything to a certain level will allow you to focus on doing your best versus worrying about a specific movement coming up.

I’m training for Regionals 2014. Get out, get competing, and get the experience you need! If you are trying to make regionals next year, or made it this past year and are trying to catch up to the top dogs, you need to get out and compete as much as you can. The more experience you get being judged and being exposed to different styles of competition programming, the better you will fare at Regionals and the higher chance you have of making it to that podium spot. Get competing!

I’m a Top Regionals/ Games athlete (aka BEAST). If you have been top of the top at Regionals, either making the trip to The CrossFit Games or missing the podium spot by just a few spots this year, it’s time to start branching out. Every year The CrossFit Games and Regionals are getting more dynamic and more variable, with workouts you sure didn’t prepare properly for. Not only do you have to hit your training harder than ever, but you also need to get creative and get outside. Whether it is going for an ocean swim, sprint work on a track, going on a trail run, or even taking some equipment to a lake and just having fun, start incorporating some real dynamics into your training sessions. This will prove to be a critical trait in all top level athletes in the years to come. Get creative!



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