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March 18, 2013

So High rep box jumps kicked your ass: How to safely train better

13.2 was an eye opener for a lot of people who have gotten stronger and fitter over the past year. The major differences in 13.2 of the Reebok CrossFit Open were the 15 box jumps per round. Roughly 50% of the workout was spent on box jumps meaning that they had a huge influence on the top scores.

Did the box jumps make you hit the floor?

If the answer is “yes” or “I did step ups,” then it is time to start training your box jumps.

However, you cannot just throw anyone into a high rep box jump workout. The body needs to be built up systematically to be able to perform large amounts of rebounding box jumps. The protocol that I find best to work with box jumps is one that an old friend and great coach taught me. His name was Jon Shelby from London, UK and he led me through the following steps:

• Low Step-Ups Unweighted (18” or less)
• Low to Middle Step-Ups Weighted (18-20” for most men and women)
• Low Box Jumps Games Standard (18” or less)
• High Rep, Very Low Rebounding Box Jumps (jump on jump off) (12” or less, 100+ reps)
• Higher Difficulty Step-Ups: e.g. 2xKB in the front rack or heavy sand bag (12-20”)
• High Box Jumps, Low Reps (30”+, step down)
• Combinations of Step-Ups and Mid-Range Box Jumps Games Standard (20-24”)
• Intervals of High Box Jumps Games Standard: e.g. Tabata (30/24”)

The easiest thing to do would be to spend 1-2 weeks focusing on each of the above points, providing you with an 8-16 week program to get you ready to kill box jumps at regional’s or for next year’s open.

However, this program is very rough, and each individual would most likely need minor variations. More time should be spent on step-ups for example if you have knee pain or hip stability issues. Also, more time should be spent learning how to explode plyometrically off the floor if the concept of “resting on top of the box” is foreign to you. In the near distant future, Formulx / Rob Strength will provide a sample 8 week box jump / squat accessory program that you can start implementing in your training immediately.



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