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March 26, 2015

How powerful are sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs)? Powerful enough to cause most girls to have their first menstruation cycle earlier than their non-sugar drinking cohorts. Over the course of the 5 year study through the University of Harvard, researchers found that girls that consumed over 1.5 servings of SSBs daily where 24% more likely to attain menarche in the next month, and generally expected to attain menarche 2.7 months earlier that girls that did not consume SSBs. The 5 year study investigated 5,583 girls across the U.S. between the ages of 9 -14 years, classifying SSBs as non-carbonated fruit drinks, soda or iced tea.

Human Reproduction, 2015.

Men and women have fundamentally different brains say scientists from University of Exeter and Strand Polytechnic. Throughout the brain’s early development, subtle shifts in regulator molecules affect gene activation. This process (known as epigenetics), is the biology behind tissue differentiation – why do tissues become what they are. Understanding this process more in detail will help us understand issues like why autism is more prevalent in males. This might also help explain whey women are from Venus and men from Jupiter.

Spiers, et al. Genome Research, 2015.

Celiac disease is a hot topic on the internet right now. The up-roaring popularity of the gluten-free diet raised a lot of awareness of the immune disorder. While keeping celiac disease in check is a doable (but a daily effort for people with the disease) Indian scientists are saying there is anecdotal evidence indicating diagnosing and treating celiac disease might help with infertility issues. Dr Makharia of the All India institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi found that diagnosing and treating celiac disease with a gluten-free diet aided the women’s infertility issues. Further research is required to find what causes the perceived link, or if it is just a coincidence.



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