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Only Madonna Makes Public Statements

June 15, 2015
Lauren Brooks

I wanted to open with a super insightful R Kelly quote (aka some ridiculous song lyrics) but I didn’t.  Making public statements just isn’t my thing; I’m just not that cool. So here we are typical Lauren fashion 4 weeks later and still finishing this post.  Obviously, 2015 won’t be everything I hoped and dreamed……… Or will it?

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April 15, 2015
Got Peters Back

First and foremost we’d like to express our gratitude for the heart-warming messages sent Peter’s way.

We also have an important update to share with you! After initially being denied the coverage for proton therapy, Peter appealed to his insurer- and this time was approved!

This a huge relief and we couldn’t be happier. So… WOD now?

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The Cardio Lifestyle

April 6, 2015
Cardio Lifestyle

Many different factors contribute to increasing mortality risk in a single individual. Genetics are extremely important, but lifestyle can play a much bigger role when it comes to eliminating risk of mortality. On one end, certain behaviors like alcohol and tobacco abuse can accelerate mortality, behaviors like consuming real food, managing stress and cardiovascular exercise can effectively reduce mortality risk. For many people, the difficulty is in finding moderation between extending life and eliminating pleasure.

Most people associate exercise with a healthy lifestyle. While the two are often intimately in twined, sometimes the particular benefits get lost in the fad of exercise. One benefit of exercise, cardio respiratory fitness (CRF), has long been associated with quality of life (QOL), but new research based on the testing of 69,858 individuals aged between 18 to 96 years found that higher CRF is also associated with decreased mortality risks, especially when it was combined with healthy behaviors.

The new research, out of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, found that individuals with a high risk factor score (calculated by measuring age, sex, HDL cholesterol and cholesterol levels, race, systolic blood pressure, smoking, blood pressure medication use and diabetes) and low levels of CRF had a “34% increase in future relative risk for death compared to people who had the lowest risk score and the highest fitness level,” (Steven Keteyian). Furthermore, it was found that, even with individuals that had a high risk factor score (less healthful traits / symptoms), high levels of CRF would reduce the risk of mortality.

While most people seem to understand that having a healthier heart is a good way to live longer with high QOL, understanding what improves CRF is becoming fuddled. Weightlifting and endurance training have drastically different impacts on the heart’s natural physiology. While current training trends blend cardio with lifting, making it difficult to decode what the cardiac future will be for certain exercise enthusiasts, the traditional approach to training finds that a certain extent of endurance style training would be required to obtain the optimal benefits found in the study.

However, the main conclusion here is that exercise can greatly reduce your risk of mortality. While focusing on cardio based training like bike / rowing intervals will arguably have the greatest effect, simply being active and moving about will benefit most individuals if properly applied. So if in doubt, get up and jump.

 Risk Factor Calculator:

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The 7th fittest woman wants to see a cage fight at the CrossFit Games!

March 5, 2015
Lauren Brooks Formulx

She’s the seventh fittest woman in the world. While in the midst of the 2015 CrossFit Games Open she decided to attend the CrossFit Football Specialty Certification.  Scan her Instagram page and you’ll find someone devoted to living a balanced life that inspires her 62.8K followers. Meet Lauren Brooks. Her chiseled muscles speak for themselves- yet we found someone who is not only formidably strong, but also graceful, funny, and extremely charming.

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Beyond recovery – Formulx in the community

November 5, 2013

Since the beginning, Formulx has been a company driven by crossfitters and has made it a priority to stay involved in our community. Formulx has historically supported many efforts to raise both funds and awareness for great causes. This is what we call our Beyond Recovery Initiative.

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The Reebok Crossfit Games 2013 – Final Day

July 29, 2013

Mike Giardina and Leah Polaski of CrossFit Atlanta Formulx wrap up one of the most memorable CrossFit Games ever. After finishing as the 13th fittest team in the world, these guys left everything on the floor at the StubHub center in Carson, California.

What is there left to do now you ask? Train. Train for 2014, and train hard. These guys will be coming back, stronger, quicker and smarter than ever.




The Reebok Crossfit Games 2013 – Day 2 Recap

July 28, 2013

Ken Gall wraps up day two at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. After a long brutal day, Atlanta Formulx bumped into 12th place after yesterdays final workout. What is there to expect going into the final day of competition?