7 ways to kick start your morning

May 21, 2014
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Here I wanted to share 7 easy tips that you can start implementing into your daily ritual to help you be more productive in the mornings, while living healthier and happier. Try and cycle one of these in at least a couple of days every week.

1. Drink High Quality Coffee – Coffee has been associated with many health benefits including a decreased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and increased risk of having an awesome morning. Though not widely studied, it is my personal belief that quality of coffee matters so try to find single-source/fair-trade coffee whenever possible.

2. Eat multi-colored berries – Eating various types of berries from blueberries to gooseberries will ensure that you are starting the day off right with lots of micro-nutrients and antioxidants. You can’t get these benefits of the antioxidants in a pill so make sure you eat the real thing!

3. Drink Green Tea – If coffee isn’t your thing or you would rather enjoy a more herbal approach, consume green tea in the morning to help stimulate your noggin. Green tea has been shown to increase cerebral activity in specific sections of the brain, aiding you in daily function.

4. Workout! – This one is simple. Besides all those silly yet kind-of true articles saying that successful people workout in the morning, there is a positive to working out early. Working out in the morning can help kick start your metabolism and keep it elevated for hours following your training session. This will help to keep your body burning unwanted calories throughout the day. Plus, grabbing that early workout could act as a stress-reliever, allowing you to be more productive at work.

5. No time to work out? Foam roll! – Foam rolling is most successful when your muscles are cold (it also will hurt more, so prepare yourself). First thing in the morning, grab that PVC pipe or lacrosse ball and work out those problem areas.

6. Eat some leafy greens – If you have time to prepare an omelet, or even a home-made green smoothie a couple times a week. This will make sure you get some highly nutrient dense foods into your diet. Rotate your greens every week as well from kale to spinach to collard greens.

7. Eat some eggs – Eggs are a very well rounded fuel source. Complete with protein and fat and plenty of micronutrients found in the yokes like choline, selenium and Vitamin B12. Pair with some berries and you have a zone friendly breakfast in a snap. No time? Hard boil (or even better, soft boil) a dozen eggs on Sunday and eat throughout the week. Bonus if you color them like at Easter!

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