6 Surprisingly hydrating snack foods

August 13, 2014

Proper hydration helps the body function normally, maximize the use of nutrients for use during metabolic processes and even helps boost your energy level. Did you know that even if you drink water throughout the day you might still become dehydrated during the hot summer months? Your body needs to be refueled with water and electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, and sodium to perform at its best! Snacking on hydrating foods throughout the day can help prevent dehydration and replenish electrolytes without the use of sugary sports drinks. Give these 6 surprisingly hydrating snack foods a try this week:

1. Chia Seed Gel. Chia seeds in dry form do not have a high water content. However, when added to a liquid they partially dissolve and form a substance similar to gelatin. This gel is uniquely rich in hydrating electrolytes like magnesium and potassium. A tablespoon in juice, coconut water, or even your morning coffee should do the trick! You can also try chia seed pudding for a delicious high protein snack.

2. Bell Peppers. Bell peppers are about 93.9% water and contain twice as much Vitamin C as an orange. Sliced bell peppers or mini sweet bell peppers are a crunchy refreshing summer snack on their own, or with your favorite healthy dip.

3. Cucumbers or Pickles. Cucumbers have a reputation for being a refreshing and rehydrating food, so it’s no surprise that they have a 95% water content. Cucumbers aren’t just water though, they also contain high amounts of electrolytes. Slice them up and squirt with lemon juice and salt, or grab a pickle; either way your body will thank you for the replenishment!

4 Avocados. Avocados are known for containing healthy fats that help fight inflammation in the body. Did you know that they also 81% water weight and are a good source of potassium? Potassium is an extremely important electrolyte crucial for proper muscle contraction (including your heart.) A recent study found that avocados might help with weight loss by helping you stay fuller for longer periods of time. Participants of the study who ate half of an avocado at lunch ate less throughout the day compared to those without avocado. Go ahead and slice one in half!

5. Fruit. Almost all fruit is high in water content; most notable this time a year are berries and melons. Berries are delicious topped with almond butter and micro-waved for 15-30 seconds. Melons such as cantaloupe and watermelon are a delicious ingredient in fruit salsas or salads. Whichever you choose–a small bowl or side dish, can offer hydration in the form of water, electrolytes, and energizing B-vitamins.

6. Cow’s Milk. Cow’s milk is actually 87% water and a good source of electrolytes. A glass of milk can be a quick and portable hydrating snack. Whenever possible, chose 100% grassfed milk as it provides a higher nutrient profile such as higher contents of omega 3 fats, Vitamin E, beta carotene and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Have a question for me? I’m here to help, so ask away below!




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