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6 Steps to get better during the Crossfit off-season

August 19, 2014

It is the unofficial CrossFit Off-season. What are your plans? Is your goal to compete? Lose weight? Get ripped? Build muscle? No matter what your goal is, here is a simple, easy to follow 6 step process to help you smash through your weaknesses and be a better you in no time.

Identify your weaknesses. Whether it was strict HSPU at The CrossFit Games or Friday night drinking sessions with your mates, identify the movements or situations that kept you from achieving your goal.

Evaluate your weaknesses. How bad were they? If it is a movement, were you just a little slower than the pack? Or how about those late Friday nights out and about? Did they occur every week or maybe once a fortnight?

Plan the road to redemption. Now that you are aware how bad it actually was, you must plan ahead so that you will be able to overcome adversity in the future. Whether this is reading up on knee and hip mobility associated with the squat or finding a group of like-minded friends that will forbid you to ruin your diet on Friday night. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to outline the path to success.

Follow the Road. So you have laid the path, now you must follow it… you practice your Olympic lifts with a coach, or you went back to the basic skills in gymnastics, or you kick started your health with a 30-day eat-clean challenge. Whatever it is, make sure you stick to the path and commit to the journey. There will be challenges along the way, but if you clearly identified the path at the onset, it should be easier to stay the course during rough times.

Reassess at the forks in the road. At some point along the way, you will either be tested again at a competition or you could give your body a scan to assess the progress. These are the critical points where you need to look at what the results are, good or bad, and then reevaluate what is most important in your program. Identify the components that have helped you out the most and add more of them while eliminating some of the gimmicks that might not have worked for you.

Make adjustments and continue forward! You are now ready to go again! Stick to it and keep fighting to be a better you next season! See below for some common examples:

Example 1: Training

Identify weakness: Pull-Ups in large sets.
Evaluate weakness: Cannot do more than 10 in a row. Always last in competitions.
Plan: 3 week rotations of working strict, kipping and weighted pull-ups.
Follow: Stick to it at least twice a week.
Reassess: At a local competition I was no longer last, but my grip held me back more this time than before.
Adjustments: Start super-setting pull-up work with grip work like farmers walks or hang power snatches.

Example 2: Nutrition

Identify weakness: Snack foods like cookies or donuts.
Evaluate weakness: Every day after lunch, I have cravings for sweets.
Plan: Eliminate access to bad foods as much as possible, throw away all bad food at desk and tell all co-workers to stop offering you their guava pastry. Stock up on healthy snacks like nuts, whole fruit and sugar-free Greek yogurt.
Follow: Do it! Every. Damn. Day.
Reassess: Is this helping me lose weight or look better naked? Did Greek yogurt satisfy my cravings while black berries did not? I only fall off the wagon if I did not prepare.
Adjustments: I need to make sure that I am prepared everyday to succeed, if not, I am only setting myself up for failure.



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