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5 Rules for warming up

November 25, 2014
Warming up

What to you do when you walk into the gym? Most people wonder over to the white board, look at the workout, write their name on the board, and walk over to a group of their friends. There they lazily stretch while someone nearby is experimenting with the most recent creation from mobility WOD. Why don’t you turn wasted time into functional time?

Here are 5 rules for warming up:

Foam roll when you are cold to inflict the most damage – As your body warms-up, some of your fascial restrictions might not register as tight when you pass over them with a foam roller. Basically, when your body is cold, foam rolling will hurt more, and that is a good thing.

Take a few minutes to perform some gross movements like jogging, rowing or jumping rope – Basic cyclical movements will help stimulate your nervous system, improve oxygen transfer into the muscles, and reduce viscosity over your tissues and fluids. Usually 3 minutes will do the trick. My favorite is 3 minutes of jump rope variations or 3 minutes on the air dyne.

You can static stretch, but only if you reset your nervous system – Generally, I would only static stretch if you have an injury or at high risk of an injury (chronic hamstring pulls or inhabited hip-flexors). However, if you do decide to static stretch, make sure to rest the muscles firing capacity by performing a light and explosive movement like tuck jumps or med ball chest throws.

Perform similar actions to what you plan to do – The purpose of a warm-up is to warm you up and to prepare you for the events you are about to do. If you are going to Olympic lift, you better practice dropping quick or landing in your jerk position. Similar for gymnastics, prep the movement positions such as active shoulders and inverted hallow holds.

Put complex skills in the beginning – The old notion of practicing your free-throws when you are tired so you are good at them when you are tired is stupid and wrong. Most of the time you just create bad habits. Do you have a skill that is nagging at you to get? Practice it immediately after your warm-up.

Example Warm-Up

Minutes 0 – 3: Foam Roll Trouble Areas
Minutes 3 – 6: Jump Rope singles with foot drills
Minutes 6 – 12: Dynamic warm-up such as: 3 rounds, 12 good mornings, 12 reverse lunge, 10 sumo-stance forward reach.
Minutes 12 – 14: Static Stretch tight Hip Flexors
Minutes 14 – 20: Work on Skill – Hand Stand Walks
Minutes 20 – 22: 3 x 5 tuck jumps then practice clean drops and jerk drills with 45lbs

Start workout…

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