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5 Best practices for a crossfitter

September 29, 2014
5 best practices for Crossfit

Often times at the box, there are one or two individuals that everyone looks up to in terms of how to combine an active and healthy lifestyle with the demands of modern living. Not everyone is in the ideal situation complete with flexible work hours and convenient clean-eating food choices. However, some of the most successful CrossFitters that I’ve witnessed achieve their goals do seem to have a few good practices in common.

Here are 5 of those observations and how you can start applying them right away in your life.

1. Start meal prepping – Avoid the pitfalls of the office lunch (sandwich, chips, soda etc.) by preparing ahead of time. On Sunday, marinate some chicken breasts and prepare some pork chops and bake them in the oven. Use these foods as the protein base of your daily out-of-the-house meals. Just add some fruit, a side salad and potentially some sweet potato or squash and you’ll have an extremely healthy lunch that can be contained in a lunch bag to keep your nutrition goals on track.

2. Stay consistent with your workouts – Not every day needs a workout, but understanding that averaging 4 to 5 times a week will get results allows piece of mind if you have to end up skipping one last minute. Schedule ahead of time which days of the week you’ll be working out, and shoot for 4. If you end up missing one, have a back-up day ready to get that workout in if it’s possible. Related Post: 7 Mental Traits of a Great CrossFit Athlete

3. Stay active on the weekends – Weekends can very easily be your downfall, so make frequent weekend plans to keep you moving and avoiding couch-potato syndrome. Going to the gym for one hour a day won’t burn as many calories as spending an entire day at the park kayaking or playing volleyball at the beach with friends (amongst many other options). If you do have a weekend workout planned already, consider exchanging it for an outdoor activity and reap the rewards of practicing/learning new things.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people – One can only have so much will-power. If you are constantly surrounded by people binge drinking and hitting the drive through at Taco Bell, chances are you will fall into the trap eventually. I am not saying to get new friends, but I am saying it is possible to avoid certain situations and if you’re looking to make lifestyle changes, it may be in your favor to surround yourself with others who have similar goals. That tends to make the pursuit at the collective level easier to stick to as opposed to when you’re all alone on the road to wellness. Related Post: 10 Things You Will Learn The Longer You CrossFit

5. Enjoy the journey – This one piggy-backs a little on the previous one. If you are not looking forward to lunch, you probably will end up purchasing a less-than-optimal option. If you are not looking forward to your workout, chances are you won’t achieve as high as an intensity as possible and won’t perform at your energy burning potential. Making subtle changes like putting cinnamon on sweet potatoes or working out with a best friend can make certain tasks instantly more enjoyable and easier to sustain over the long-haul (which is where the results are!).

What are your thoughts on this list of 5 best practices? In your experience, have you found any of these in particular to be most effective, or are there others not listed here that you would recommend? Share with me below!



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