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3 Ways to prevent holiday weight gain

October 31, 2014
Prevent Weight Gain

Today is Halloween, you know what that means…the holidays have officially started! Holiday weight gain is commonly accepted as a fact of life during the holiday season, but it doesn’t have to be! Even though you may not think it, you can actually balance a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the holidays without insane restriction. The goal this year is to break the holiday weight gain/weight loss cycle by being mindful and staying focused with these strategies.

Practice Intuitive Eating- Intuitive eating is a style of eating that promotes mindful eating. We eat for many reasons including hunger, performance, and enjoyment. I’m not a huge fan of counting every calorie or restriction. Instead, I work with clients in my private practice to help them achieve their health goals by tuning into what their bodies are telling them their real needs are. For more tips on intuitive eating check out this post- Healthy Habits to Master Before the Holidays

Set a Fitness Goal for January- Instead of waiting until January to make your New Years resolution, set one now! Not only will training help you burn extra calories, but it will also keep you in the healthy mindset, which will help you make better choices throughout the holiday season. You could pick one exercise, a WOD, or whatever combination you choose.

Possible goals could be focused on:

• Strength
• Speed
• Mileage/Distance
• Performance
• Mobility

Stay Accountable- Signing up for a competition or race in January is one way to hold yourself accountable. Another is to buddy up with a friend who wants to work on a similar goal. You can help each other stay motivated to be consistent with your workouts during the holiday season and achieve your goals! You can also make it a friendly competition if that’s more motivating to you.

I’m signed up to run a ½ marathon in January, but since my distance running has been rocky since getting injured I’m setting a back up goal of being able to do an unassisted pull up by the end of January.

Your turn! Announce your goal publicly to fully commit to it! We will check back in January and see how you did!



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