25 Quick and easy health tips

June 11, 2014

(Formulx brownies courtesy of our beloved friend, Erika of Fit Mama, who dropped them off at our office earlier in the week. Don’t bother coming around, we devoured them all already.)

Getting healthier one step at a time will always be easier (and more effective) than simply trying to flip your life around overnight. With that being said, here are 25 quick and easy applicable tips that you can start factoring into your life:

1. Bring a bottle of water with you everywhere. Besides the dozens of reasons why you should always get enough water in your system, doing so can also help control caloric intake.
2. Eat a big breakfast; it minimizes cravings and you stop putting as much junk food in your body throughout the day.
3. Always have pre-cut frozen vegetables ready. This will make for an easy, convenient, nutrient-dense snack.
4. Always have hard boiled eggs on hand for a quick, protein-dense snack. You need your protein!
5. Try to avoid stocking up “cheat foods” at home. If you are having cravings, make yourself go out and buy it to maximize your time to change your mind.
6. Have a list of 5 semi-fast food places that offer clean(er) meals and taste good in case you are in a pinch.
7. Have some green tea bags at your desk for when you need a little caffeine. You’ll get some energy and reap the benefits of the disease fighting properties in the tea.
8. Bring baggies of nuts with you. Probably my favorite tip of them all; this one is easy!
9. Make your own beef jerky. Totally worth it. Get your Google on to learn how.
10. Frozen berries make a refreshing and convenient snack.
11. If you are dead-set on doing damage, try to limit it to one poison (aka ice cream, NOT ice cream and waffles and cookies and Oreo’s and pizza, etc.)
12. Plan meals for the week! Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Did I get that one right, Benjamin Franklin?
13. Do all your grocery shopping on Sunday and DO NOT go back.
14. Stock up on spices as they can simulate sweets or salts. Think cinnamon or garlic.
15. Make your best friend do it with you. It’s the buddy system all over again!
16. Don’t go cold turkey – some ‘non-paleo’ foods can still compliment a healthy diet. Gluten free breads and pastas can be an idea.
17. Exercising early to feel the benefits all day. It provides you higher levels of energy, and it can help keep your metabolism elevated for hours following your training.
18. Do a combination of weights, metabolic conditioning and cardio. They all have their purpose.
19. Take up a new sport for motivation (not necessarily the Sport of Fitness). Learn new skills, right?
20. Have lots of sex. There are many reasons for this, including that it counts as exercise and can help keep your immune system in tip top shape.
21. Write down everything that you eat – EVERYTHING! Then, compare it to your buddy who’s doing it with you (make sure they’re doing it too!) and see who did better.
22. Go out with friends that support your lifestyle.
23. Workout outside – fresh air and some vitamin D works wonders.
24. Schedule a massage – stress relief!
25. Don’t worry, be happy!” Oftentimes the journey is the reward.

That wraps up 25 quick and easy health tips. Try to implement one of these tips a week. I guarantee that within 6 months, you will be a completely different person for the better. Don’t hesitate, pick one and start today.



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