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25 Crossfit coaching commandments

April 30, 2014

Here I wanted to share 25 things that I consider to be most important when it comes to being a better coach for your athletes and your clients. Read on!

1. Never stop learning.
2. Maintain and promote a positive attitude.
3. Demand 100% effort.
4. Preach technique.
5. If the technique is good, add weight.
6. If the technique is bad, takeoff weight.
7. Travel and meet as many other coaches as possible.
8. Have a running dialogue with your athletes.
9. Practice what you preach.
10. Make your own goals and understand them.
11. Understand your athlete’s goals.
12. Be the authority in the room.
13. Programming – always learn before you try.
14. Programming – first ask yourself if you would do it.
15. Programming – it’s more than met-cons.
16. Know when an athlete is ready to progress.
17. More can be done in the weight room than weight lifting.
18. There is more than one way to explain something.
19. There is a difference between pain and injury.
20. There is a time and place for loud music and yelling.
21. Respect the environment – weights can kill.
22. Be wary of anything that says “secret” or “magic”.
23. Constructive criticism goes further than calling someone a pussy.
24. There is the possibility to change lives.
25. You need to love what you do.

Now I need to ask from you. Which ones of the above resonated the most with you? Is there anything you would add to this list? Comment below please!



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