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14.5 Open WOD – 8 Tips and Strategies

March 28, 2014

You’ve made it to the final workout of the 2014 Open Season. Are you happy with your performance so far? Did you do better than you thought you would have? Worse? Either way, this last one is about one thing: How hard will you push yourself? Let’s just into the mix with our final tips and strategies post.

1. Pure grunt work – You got to fight through this one. There is only so much to be said about the movements. It’s brute work that you’ll need to fight through. Be prepared to keep moving.

2. The thrusters have 3 stages – The 21, 18, and 15 is all about slowing down as little as possible. You will slow down, but try not to slow down too much. The 12 and the 9 is about maintaining through the fatigue. You will be tired, but you should be able to pick up the pace a little or at least not get any slower. The 6 and 3 you better be sprinting.

3. The burpees are similar in the fact that there are 2 stages – You will slow down between 10-25% each round from the 21 to the 18s, 15s and 12s. Just try to keep a good pace and keep moving. The 9, 6, 3 will need you to speed up!

4. Hips, not shoulders – Make sure to accelerate the hips on the front squat on the way up instead of relying on a weak press to get the load overhead.

5. On the burpees – Do not do a push-up from the ground. Straighten your arms first, then pop your hips up to bring your feet in to your hands. Same thing on the way down, put your hands on the ground before you move your feet (stretch your hamstrings in advance).

6. Make sure to breathe – This can be huge game changer. Remember how Rich would pause at the top of each thruster and between each burpee? Whether you are breathing at the top of the thruster or in between each burpee, make sure you do it right from the beginning. You do not want to look up on the round of 18 and see stars.

7. Use the "for time" concept for your advantage – Always be thinking "I only have 9 more" etc. This should give you a boost and remind you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

8. Seconds count – This is the first thing I wrote down last night after watching Rich Froning Jr. and Sam Briggs destroy this one. This workout can quickly go from sub-10 minutes to 18 minutes if you get caught up. So keep moving, you’ll be in those sets of 9, 6 and 3 before you know it.



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