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14.4 Open WOD – 12 tips and strategies

March 21, 2014

Use a good rower – Performing this workout on an old or not maintained Concept 2 rower will severely hamper your results. It would be best to do it on the newest model that has recently been lubricated. If not, find someone that knows how to maintain a rower and ask for help.

Powerful, efficient strokes – Do not waste energy here. Practice your strokes before you do the workout so you can get an idea of how to work with calories and your stroke rate.

Don’t row with your “weakest link” – Is your grip weak that you would need to save it for the toes-to-bar? Use your legs. Are your legs weak? Use a little more back and arms. Try not to tire out your weakest link on the rower.

Fast athletes will be off the rower in less than 2 minutes – Plan the rest of your workout around the time it will take you to row those 60 calories. By the way, you should be practicing a 60 calorie row today.

Work around your weaknesses – If you are great at wall balls but not as good on toes-to-bar, take MORE breaks on the toes-to-bar and then make up time on the wall balls. Break up what you are not as good at MORE OFTEN while knocking out bigger sets of what you are good at.

Each set is meant to put you in the possible position of burning out – You cannot blow up too early. A large set of toes-to-bar will kill your workout. Break things up A LOT. Don’t let grip become a factor. Be smart and ready to change things on the fly.

On the subject of breaking up – Depending on your proficiency, I would lean towards FAST sets of 5’s on the toes-to-bar, with sets of 10’s for the wall balls. Singles on the cleans and then make up time on the muscle ups.

Saving yourself for the muscle-ups – If you are very good, 20 muscle-ups should not take more than 2-3 sets when fresh. You saw what this workout did to Scott and Josh. They were not fresh. The more energy you can save early in the workout will be repaid in triple come muscle-ups. If you play this to your strength, you should feel OK going into the muscle ups. Also, remember to drop from the rings, don’t swing down when breaking up the sets.

Alternate the “mover” – Legs/Back on the rower. Arms/Middle on the toes-to-bar. Legs (not arms) on the wall balls. Hips on the cleans. Arms on the Muscle-ups. You get the point. Set the ring height so you don’t have to jump that high but can swing freely. Make sure you have a good set of clips on the bar for the power cleans to prevent the weight from shifting around.

Wear a nirvana shirt – Dave Castro looked sharp at the announcement. Enough said.



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