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14.3 Open WOD – 8 tips and strategies

March 14, 2014
Deadlift 660x440

Pacing – It’s only 8 minutes, so not a whole lot of time to strategize a pace. You also get a forced break in between rounds, use that as your rest!

At the end of the day, your strength will determine your pace. Do you need more time with the #315? Or are you going to be able to knock them out in 2 sets?

Play with only adding plates – Instead of taking off 25s and adding 45s, why not just add two 10s to each side? This is going to be a personal preference but I highly recommend that you play around with how you’ll change up your plates.

Don’t get caught with the wrong weights on the bar and waste time needlessly. On the box jumps – They are a filler, but 15 reps is a lot if you are not a box jumping ninja. Play around with rebounds and step-ups.

If you are NOT good at rebounding box jumps, I definitely recommend doing step-ups. Be fast and consistent. On the Deadlifts – If you are worried about the weight, break up the sets starting early even in the round of 15’s into 8 and 7. Knock out some fast reps, drop it, and do it again. Also, don’t round your back in the beginning just to gain speed.

You need the speed at the end, not the beginning. Stay consistent with perfect technique at the start. If you are going to perform a hamstring dominant deadlift, make sure you keep your back flat! Keep the weight close to your body – On the deadlift, if the weight isn’t close to your body, you have an issue and are going to blow up your quads. Keep it close, every rep.

Don’t grind out reps – Just don’t. Drop it and reset yourself. Remember the C2B pull-ups last week? How you had to break early? Don’t get yourself to fatigue, you risk not moving the weight when it really starts to count later into the 8 minutes.

Don’t stretch your calves too much, you need them to be bouncy. Watch the below video – We put this together just moments after watching Tovar and Pichelli close out 14.3 in NOLA. It’s packed with several points of performance to keep in mind when going through this workout. Must watch.


Good luck on 14.3 guys. Please comment below with any questions, I’m here to help you prepare.



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