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14.1 Open WOD – 7 recovery tips and prepping for 14.2

March 3, 2014
Deadlift 660x440

So you just did 14.1. Maybe you did it once, maybe you did it three times. Did you match or beat your goal? Did you beat your old score in 2011? 200, 300, 400 reps? I’m guessing you feel like your lungs are still on the floor at the box. That sure is how I felt. This workout is a tough one to recover from, especially if you did it more than once. The reason being is that this WOD puts a significant amount of stress on your weaker shoulder muscles (the external rotator muscles). These muscles aren’t used to doing so much so your body isn’t quite sure what to do. Here are some tips to help speed up recovery and get you ready for 14.2 on Thursday.

1. Hydration – This cannot be understated. Being hydrated is necessary for a speedy recovery. Make sure that you are getting enough water every day to allow maximum pliability of your tissues. See our prior posts on hydration for further info.

2. Nutrient Rich Foods – Veggies, berries, yams, grass-fed meat. Need I say more? You can’t get the nutrients in veggies from a pill. Seriously. Be mindful of your food intake over the next 4 weeks and get the right nutrients in your system to get your body back where you need it.

3. Shoulder Health – Make sure you are still able to maintain good levels of internal and external rotation of your shoulder. We have 4 workouts left, so staying healthy is the number one priority. Ask a physical therapist or athletic trainer for help investigating your internal and external rotation limitations, as well as possible stretches to help fix your issues.

4. Lower Back Pre/Rehab – Did you fry your lower back? if so, you probably have tight hamstrings. I can almost guarantee that your tight hamstrings will ham string your future scores. Remember, it is too late if you are trying to regain a position a few minutes before an open WOD. You need to practice them everyday!

5. Get right back to it – Do not take too much time off, you won’t be able to come back strong. Even if you have a light day following 14.1, do it. This will make sure your body continues to improve blood flow and increase recovery.

6. Glutamine – Studies investigating the efficacy of l-glutamine found that it was most effective following intense bouts of exercise. If your training load over these next couple weeks are higher than normal, make sure you are getting in 10-15g of it. You’ll be glad you did.

7. Enforce your positions – Similar to the above, you cannot wait until the day of the Open workout to be most efficient. You need to always practice the most biomechanically perfect position so that your movement stays clean come game day.

There you go guys, hope you all kicked ass on 14.1. Use these tips to help achieve your goals come 14.2 and stay tuned for our Friday release on tips and strategies. If you have any questions, just comment below, I’m here to help you be better prepared.



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