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14.1 Open WOD – 12 tips and strategies

February 28, 2014

1. Do not pace too much. I’ve done this workout 5 times. The times where I tried to pace, I did the worst. You need to go out at a fast, but not too fast, pace and just try to sustain it.

2. Calm and consistent double-unders. Try not to waste energy on double-unders. Relax your arms and try to keep breathing. Getting caught up in them is a sure way to fall behind – keep it unbroken.

3. Efficiency in the snatch. Use your hips to speed the bar up with a quick lock out. Try not to rely on your back or shoulders too much in the beginning. You need a fast lockout on this, a quick snap of the elbows and shoulders will save a lot of energy. Lastly, the weight is light, so don’t move your feet too much, it will waste time and energy.

4. Controlled Breakdown of technique. As the workout progresses and it gets harder to breathe, you will start to drop your chest on the snatches (which is fine) but just make sure to keep your back flat. A rounded back increases the energy you have to use and distance the bar must travel to lock out.

5. Suck it up. It will be over quick. It starts to suck around 6-7 minutes. So suck it up and keep going – the 10 minutes fly by so don’t slack.

6. Do not warm-up on a bike or air dyne. Doing so shortens your hip flexors. You don’t want to have tight hips going into this triple extension workout.

7. Try not to overstretch your ankles in warm-up. You need your ankles, calves and tendons to be a little stiffer to transfer energy better on the double-unders so you don’t end up relying on your quads.

8. Hook Grip always. Don’t let your hands blow up!

9. Hamstrings and shoulders need some good range-of-motion (ROM) work the days before. If you are really tight the morning of 14.1, it’s too late. But you could try and help by doing some dynamic ROM exercises like stagger stance good mornings or marching leg kicks. Shoulders can be helped by doing some I/Y/Ts.

10. If you normally don’t spend an hour warming up sticking a lacrosse ball in every joint, don’t do it now. Do what you are used to do. If you normally don’t warm-up for more than 10 minutes, don’t warm-up for more than 10 minutes.

11. Do it in a group and don’t cheat your reps. Competition makes you go faster and work harder. Plus, you’ll want to make sure you perform all your reps clean, so don’t cheat. It’s not worth it, make everything count.

12. Don’t overthink this and be prepared to adjust on the fly. I guarantee you that everyone has something to say about this workout (myself included). Do not think too much! Your game plan will likely go out the window, so you need to be able to adjust on the fly. Read the advice, and keep it all fresh for when you are performing, but don’t let it handcuff you. Good luck! Post how you performed below and stay tuned for next week’s 14.2 strategy session.



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