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10 tips for attacking this year’s open season

February 26, 2014

The Time is Here!

Another Open season is upon us and I cannot wait until the release of 14.1 to see what this Season has in store for us! I am so excited to figure out what Dave Castro and HQ have done to take the classic CrossFit movements and deliver them to us as small batches of torture. Here I wanted to share 10 tips that I’ve learned to stay strong over the next 5 weeks.

1. Plan your week – Make sure you know what day you want to do the workout. This gives you the structure of knowing when you will be performing versus "just waiting for that moment when you feel the flow" (which might not even happen).

2. Do you want to rest or train lightly? – I prefer an easy day the day before I do the Open workouts. I will Snatch and Clean and Jerk up to about 70-80% of my Max, Back Squat about 3×3 at 80-90%, and then hit a light met-con. I prefer this to resting completely.

3. Plan the Open day – Are you going to do the Open workout on Friday? If so, plan what else you want to do that day so you don’t lose a day of training. Even if it is as simple as practicing your weaknesses for 20 minutes afterwards.

4. Keep up the solid work the other 5 days – Don’t get too caught up in being fully rested. You cannot be fully rested for 5 weeks, you will decondition. Make sure you hit your workouts hard in the beginning of the week.

5. Are you a repeater? (I hope not) – Unless you have a legitimate shot of winning some cash, bragging rights, or making it to regionals, I highly suggest you do no repeat the workouts (unless there was a major screw up). Repeating messes up the schedule and will surely burn you out.

6. Don’t change your diet now – If you haven’t been doing it, do NOT try it now. Just look at the U.S. Speed Skaters and their uncomfortable suits… If you suddenly eliminate carbohydrates, you might just be energy depleted 3 minutes into that 18 minute AMRAP.

7. Recovery, Recovery, Recovery – Make sure you are getting your protein and the right carbohydrates post-workout. You need to be able to recover to train the next day to reset the clock for the next workout release.

8. Review Standards – Don’t get caught out in the cold with a bad video submission. Know what you need to do and do it. There are NO excuses for not knowing standards and being DQ’ed.

9. Compete with others – Do it with friends. Do it with your coach. Either way, the best way to determine who you really are is to compete against another. Try and pick someone who you know will make you work. For many of you, this is the culmination of 47 weeks of training. Hit it hard and have fun.

10. Read the strategies we post – We will be providing you with strategies and tips for each Open workout within 12 hours of it being announced. Read them, figure out what is applicable for you, but don’t get overly caught up in them.

I want to wish you the best of luck. I will be following up just after 14.1 is released with a breakdown and possible strategies post for you all. Remember, have FUN and SHARE your experiences. That’s what this is about!



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