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10 inspiring examples from the Crossfit games

August 6, 2014

The CrossFit Games have come and gone. The main story of Rich Froning’s insane comeback despite looking awful at running will be one for the ages. However, there were many other individual stories that took place this year: stories of desire, dedication and determination that should be enough to keep anyone motivated throughout the off-season. The abundance of rookies excelling, along with veterans being legendary, certainly made 2014 a year to remember. Here are 10 examples from The CrossFit Games to keep you inspired until 2015!

1. Speal-ler! Speal-ler! Speal-ler! – The legend that keeps growing. In his 7th CrossFit Games, Chris Spealler did not disappoint. With a 3rd place finish on the Muscle-Up Biathlon and a truly inspirational double grace finish, Chris Spealler brought the crowd to its feet more times than anyone else…combined!!! Chris has shown the CrossFit community what the heart of a champion looks like from 2007 until 2014.

2. Small but MIGHTY – In the spirit of Chris Spealler, Cody Anderson broke into the scene with the size of a 16kg kettlebell, but the force of a 315lbs clean. Cody will be the prototype for smaller athletes to look at to see how it’s possible to compete with the big guys.

3. Kara Webb was inspiring and heart breaking – A misfortunate fall in the Midline March knocked her out of a sure podium finish – a big improvement from last year’s 12th place. She showed grit and determination through most of the weekend, showing the ladies that it is not all about finesse, but who has the biggest heart.

4. Do Not Doubt Yourself…EVER! – If that line can be applied to only one person, the clear choice is the young gun-slinger out of the South East, Noah Ohlsen. The list of people that have doubted Noah is long, with Dave Castro at the top of the list. After a truly inspiring weekend that landed Noah just short of his goal, the list of doubters certainly decreased to zero. Over the past 4 years, trusting yourself and outworking everyone can yield phenomenal results. Do not underestimate yourself…ever!

5. Who wants it more? – The amazing finish to the Push-Pull event between Rich and Josh Bridges was jaw-dropping. A perfect case of the power of “want” – who wanted it more? In this case, Josh outlasted Rich, but the desire displayed by both athletes should light a fire under your training.

6. Work the weaknesses – Rich Froning was the first off the “thick” part of the “thick ’n quick” workout (in part helped by a no-rep). A far cry from him falling into a crumpled heap of second place in 2010. Do you have a weakness? WORK IT!

7. Injuries are obstacles, not road blocks – Annie Thorisdottir was plagued with injuries during the past 2 years. Despite the major set-backs, she came back strong and secured a 2nd place finish on the podium and a first place finish in the hearts of the fans. Don’t be discouraged if you have an injury; use Annie’s smart training to inspire you to come back smarter and stronger than ever!

8. Age is just a number – Lauren Fisher is 20, while Valorie Voboril is 35. Both did not let their age define their performance and finished in 9th and 5th respectively. No matter how old you are, you can still improve every day!

9. Family Strong! – Some people use family as an excuse to get out of training. Jason Khalipa and Lauren Brooks use their family as motivation and salvation to fuel their training. Lauren Brooks especially showed the true strength of a mother when she stood up with the 225lbs clean and won 2 of the 3 sprint events – inspiring not only mothers, but everyone, everywhere, that dedication to loving your family and loving yourself will pay off.

10. It doesn’t matter where you come from – So what if no one knows what gym you train at. Marlene Andersson and Celestie Engelbrecht qualified out of Asia and Africa respectively – leading towards expectations of 40 and below on every workout. However, Marlene’s best finish of 23rd and 21st and Celestie’s one finish below the 30s was a 17th place show that it doesn’t matter where you came from, but you can still compete with the world!

What was your most inspiring moments from watching the 2014 Games, and how has it impacted your training plan for this new year? Comment below!



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