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Of Natural Occurring Bcaa's

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Why Natural Whey Protein?


Formulx is one of the cleanest whey protein products available. We took extreme measures with our Source, Process and Ingredients, to develop a product of the highest quality.


Numerous studies have been published about the benefits of whey protein supplementation - from building lean muscle, improving athletic performance, assisting recovery and even increasing fat loss.


Easy to mix with your favorite fruit for morning smoothies, or for a quick on-the-go protein snack or post workout shake. Guilt-free taste with no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or sugar.






Is protein powder paleo friendly?

When you made the decision about going on the paleo diet, you didn’t all of a sudden transport yourself 11,000 years ago to the wild lands of what is now the Middle East, unsure of where you wou...

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10 Quick Fat Burning Tips

Unfortunately a calorie is not just a calorie, if it were the diet industry wouldn’t be a multi-million dollar industry.   You don’t have to starve yourself to get rid of body fat, but you do ne...

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Is Grass-fed worth it?

Why do we go grass-fed? Is it because Gwyneth Paltrow told us to? Is it that pesky omega ratio? Or because someone told us it was good for the environment? What truly are the benefits of going “...

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The exercise you aren’t doing… but should.

If you look at any common strength or fitness program, it is probably composed of back squats, power cleans, pull-ups, military presses and snatches. Maybe it will have some lunges and bench pressing...

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Morning Brew Protein Smoothie

Ingredients 1 cup ice 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1/2 banana 4 pitted medjool dates 2T almond or peanut butter 1t cinnamon 1 scoop vanilla or chocolate Formulx whey protein Power-up Bonus!! 1/2 cup ...

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Clean Eating: 15 Ways To Get Started

Ask a dietitian what their least favorite phrase about nutrition is and I bet that ‘clean eating’ is on the list. Clean eating has an infinite number of meanings depending on who you are and what ...

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